Interested in Data, love beer, and in Granada? Join us!

First DataBeersGRX
will take place on
Wednesday, November 30th, 19:00h at CottonClub Granada.

Please, register for the event and get your free beer


We are so proud to announce the first DataBeersGRX at GRANADA.
DataBeersGRX will be on November 30th, 2016, 19:00h at CottonClub Granada
Calle Pintor López Mezquita, 13, Granada

Please, register for the event:

“GitHub’s data is a life-changer“

Israel Blancas

Ingeniero de software en Real-Time Innovations (RTI)

“Rutas a partir de trazas GPS”

Rocio Romero

Biología computacional. UGR

“Big Data: una de cal y otra de arena”

Elena Cruz & Pedro A. Alarcón

@CruzMartinElena @pdalarcon
Product Lead & Senior Data Scientist en Luca Data Driven Decisions (Telefonica). Big Data for Social Good


Daniel Torres

CEO EC3metrics Ciencia Digital. Medialab UGR

“All hail the data cloud”

JJ Merelo

Catedrático en UGR. Director de la Oficina de Software Libre de la UGR.



DataBeers is a non-profit and open community whose mission is to become a summit for professionals and students inside the scope of Big Data and Data Science to discuss and share experiences also promoting events where everybody with an interest in data is welcome to exchange their knowledge.

Databeers is an international community in which we invite all the people who are interested in learning and sharing their experiences with the data while enjoying a few beers. This is an event for data scientists journalists, documentalists, data artists, developers, engineers, etc. In summary for all those that are working, using, treating, visualizing, discovering, exploting, ... data.

DataBeers was fundend in May 2014 by Giovanna Miritello(@gmiritello), Marcelo Soria (@msoriaro) and Dani Villatoro (@dani_agent) in Madrid. Since then this event has spread in several cities around the world making this community bigger.

Granada team:

Ana Valdivia
Data Scientist UGR
Sentiment Analysis

Manuel Parra
PhD. student UGR
Big Data Time Series Data Mining


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